Ariane 5 launches DSN-1/Superbird-8 & HYLAS 4

Image courtesy of Arianespace.

On Thursday April 5, Arianespace conducted its third launch of the year and the 98th launch of Ariane 5. The launch saw Ariane 5 orbit two geostationary communications satellites – DSN-1/Superbird-8, owned and operated by Japan-based satellite operator SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, and HYLAS 4, owned by Avanti Communications.

The launch took place at 6:34 p.m. local time at the Guiana Space Center (CSG), Arianespace’s launch site, and was completed in 33 mins 56 seconds, when HYLAS 4 was successfully separated.

DSN-1/Superbird-8 is a dual-purpose satellite meant for commercial broadcasting, as well as military, purposes.

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Superbird-8, which will replace the Superbird-B2 satellite launched in 2000, will be located at ocated at 162 degrees East. The satellite carries high-performance Ku and Ka transponders for satellite communications services within Japan, and was built by Mitsubishi Electric using a DS2000 platform.

Also operated by SKY Perfect JSAT through its subsidiary DSN Corporation, DSN-1 is an X-Band Defense Communications Satellite-1 which will be used by Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

HYLAS 4, built by Orbital AT<, will deliver high speed satellite communications to governments and the private sector across Europe through the Ka-band, and will also service South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and West and Central Africa.



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