AsiaSat to Launch First Dedicated Myanmar Satellite Beam

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AsiaSat, one of Asia’s largest satellite operators based in Hong Kong, will provide Myanmar with its first dedicated satellite beam this October when it launches AsiaSat-9, its 10th orbital satellite so far.

The dedicated beam will improve connectivity in all areas of activity, serving business and industrial needs, as well as entertainment and mobile.

AsiaSat’s first service to Myanmar began in 1990 with the launch of AsiaSat-1, which served to bolster infrastructure and bring connectivity to the rural population. The satellite has since been decommissioned, but AsiaSat is still currently serving Myanmar with AsiaSat-4, which is being utilized by companies such as KBZ Gateway Company Limited, Seanet, and King Royal Technologies Co Ltd.

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AsiaSat-9, with its powerful EIRP in the C and Ku-Bands, will replace AsiaSat-4 and take its position at 122° East. With its new satellite, AsiaSat aims to provide better quality broadcasting and enable digital banking amongst the Myanmar population, as well as provide reliable data transfers for businesses.

Myanmar, a nation with a large rural population, just began economic liberalization in 2011. With relatively low internet and mobile penetration, it is the last-ranked Asian in the World Economic Forum’s Network Readiness Index (NRI). It is seen as an area of promising economic potential with a tremendous amount of resources such as natural gas and precious stones, and with China accounting for approximately a third of the total foreign investment in Myanmar.

AsiaSat has also announced that its upcoming AsiaSat-9 will serve other regions with a sparse population densities such as Mongolia, another country that has caught the eye of Asian investors.


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