Casbaa Satellite Industry Forum 2018

The Casbaa Satellite Industry Forum 2018 brings together a wide range of world-class speakers from the industry to deal with crucial issues in a full day of keynote presentations and panel discussions. Keynote addresses will set the stage further for robust and frank debate at this “Not-to-be-Missed” event!

Topics covered during the event include the following:

– A look at the recent proposals for C-band spectrum reallocation within the United States and the potential ramifications for the Asian broadcast industry.

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– With capacity pricing falling at a rate of knows, how will satellite operators make margin? Will the new HTS and NGSO players be game changers or Widow Makers? And are they a solution chasing a problem?

– What are the major issues and problems for the regulators in our region? National, regional, global, or a combination of all three? How different is the AsiaPac region to other parts of the world? And what changes do they expect in the next few years?

– As the satellite communications industry reaches full maturity the dangers of post-adolescence become more apparent – physical danger from significant increases in orbital debris and hidden dangers from cyber attacks. Are we spending sufficient time and resources to identify and counter these problems?

– Is this the beginning of the end for the satellite industry’s use of much of the spectrum, or the end of the beginning, with a bright new future and exploding demand for satellite services from the 5G operators? Will setting up fair and open standards be the key for satellites to operate in parallel with new wireless networks? Did the satellite industry miss the boat with 4G and have lessons been learned?

– The launch industry has changed so much in the last decade – time for a refresh on what we thought was a pretty boring delivery truck? And the manufacturers are having a really hard time…. How are they coping?


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