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CSST, Planet partner to spur economic growth in New Zealand

Today, New Zealand’s Centre for Space Science Technology (CSST) and Earth imaging company Planet Labs announced a partnership to help drive regional economic growth by distributing Planet’s daily, global Earth observation...

Globalsat Group and SatSure sign agreement for geospatial analytics in the Americas

Spatial analytics company SatSure and Pan-American Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) consortium Globalsat Group have signed an agreement for the joint marketing of large area analytics solutions in the Americas. Under the agreement,...

Dr Megan Clark details the priorities of the Australian Space Agency

The Australian Space Agency began operations on 1 July 2018, and has since been busy mapping the future of Australia’s space industry. At the Space Industry Association of Australia’s (SIAA's) Fourth Annual...

The Philippine microsat program & satellite control centre

Last week we wrote about how CubeSats from Philippines, Bhutan and Malaysia were launched to the ISS on the Falcon 9 CRS-15 mission, as part of the BIRDS-2 project. This is...

Australia’s Fleet Space to launch first 2 satellites with ISRO, SpaceX

Australian Internet of Things (IoT) startup Fleet Space Technologies has announced launch plans for its first two nanosatellites, Centauri I and II, in the second half of 2018. The NewSpace startup,...

ISRO’s commercial arm Antrix signs MoU with Indian NewSpace company SatSure

Indian NewSpace company SatSure Analytics, which uses satellite data analytics to help farmers, has recently announced the signing of a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Antrix Corporation, the commercial arm...

China launches Fengyun-2H, to be used by Belt & Road countries

On 5 June 2018, at 9:07 p.m. Beijing time (GMT+8), China launched Fengyun-2H, a meteorological satellite which will be placed in a geosynchronous orbit. The launch took place using the three-stage...

China launches Gaofen-6 earth observation satellite

On 2 June 2018, at 12:13pm Beijing time (GMT+8), China launched Gaofen-6 (GF-6), an earth observation satellite for agricultural research and disaster monitoring. The launch took place using the Long March...

China’s remote sensing satellites discover 10 Roman ruins in Tunisia

Tunisia’s Ministry of Culture recently unveiled that Chinese scientists have uncovered 10 ancient Roman archaeological remains in Tunisia using China’s remote sensing satellites and related space-based technologies. These sites, located in Gafsa,...

China launches Gaofen-5 hyperspectral imaging satellite for atmospheric research

On 9 May 2018, at 2:28am, China launched Gaofen-5 (GF-5), a remote sensing satellite meant to conduct scientific research on the earth’s atmosphere. The launch took place using the Long March...
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Utilization of Space Resources: Indonesia’s Perspective

Space is one of the areas that was on the horizon of development for the Founding Fathers of the Indonesia, with the establishing of...