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Interview: mu Space Corp

mu Space Corp is a Thai space startup founded in August 2017, that is working to deliver satellite-based broadband, mobile, and broadcasting solutions across Thailand. Besides operating its own satellite, the...

Challenges and opportunities for Malaysia’s space entrepreneurs

On 5 October 2017, the first Space Entrepreneurship Symposium was held in Malaysia, organized by Aerospace Society Malaysia and Department of Aerospace Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, along with ANGKASA and Malaysia...

Thales Alenia & Airbus on small satellites

The Singapore Space Symposium, held at the National University of Singapore (NUS) on 27 September 2017, saw presentations by Thales Alenia and Airbus on the future of small satellites. During the symposium,...

Interview: Gilmour Space Technologies

Gilmour Space Technologies is a space startup headquartered in Queensland, Australia, with a subsidiary in Singapore. Founded in 2012, the company aims to provide low-cost access to space by developing a...

The life of Qian Xuesen, father of China’s space programme

Undoubtedly the most important figure in China's space programme, Qian Xuesen (also spelt Tsien Hsue-shen) was responsible for directing the development of China's missiles and launch vehicles from 1956 to 1991. Born...

ISRO launch vehicle budgets and revenues

Yesterday, during a session of the Lok Sabha (the Indian parliament’s Lower House), several questions were raised about the budget and revenues of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO’s) launch vehicles. Budget...

A close look at JAXA’s Int-Ball zero-gravity drone on the ISS

On 4 June 2017, SpaceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft was launched to the International Space Station (ISS) and carried with it the world’s first zero-gravity camera drone that can be controlled from...

7 unlikely ISRO spinoff technologies

Like most national space programmes, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has developed many indigenous technologies that have either been directly transferred to industry, or that have been adapted for non-space...

Where to buy CubeSats online

The growth of NewSpace brings with it many opportunities, especially for enthusiasts who once found space an inaccessible domain. Those of us living in places where the space industry is inaccessible,...

The Australian space industry and why it needs a space agency

Last week, the Australian government issued a statement saying it has set up an Expert Review Group to study how Australia’s space capabilities can help the nation participate in the global...
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Utilization of Space Resources: Indonesia’s Perspective

Space is one of the areas that was on the horizon of development for the Founding Fathers of the Indonesia, with the establishing of...