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Taking stock of major trends in the satellite industry

This year, many worried that pressure from rival connections would be the cause of much change in the satellite industry, leading to a palpable sense of uncertainty. Although the so-called demise...

Satellite Data, readable, applicable and executable, at the tip of your fingers

In January 2020, Coronavirus spread to the level of a pandemic. At the beginning, nobody knew what was really happening in the world. Very different kinds of information inundated the global...

Using commercial-off-the-shelf components for space: a technical look

For some spacecraft manufacturers, the use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) parts is the only option to meet the performance and cost needs of a mission. For many satellite Original Equipment Manufacturers...

The way forward for ISRO’s launch vehicles

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched their heaviest launch vehicle to date, GSLV MK III, in June last year and are in preparation for launching the second and last of the...

The role of intellectual property in space

Over the past decade there has been a transition from government to private enterprise conducting space-related activities. Several companies, such as Blue Origin, have publicly announced plans to establish a permanent human...

Why spaceplanes are not flying

Despite over 80 attempts taking place over seventy years, a true spaceplane has never been flown. No clear answer has emerged thus far why this concept is so elusive in its...

Meet the Von Braun Station : the most advanced rotating space hotel design to...

It's inevitable. A rotating orbital space station open to tourists is inevitable. The only questions are how soon, at what price and what comfort, and what will be the first company...

Animals in space: The unlikely space pioneers

Today marks the 57th anniversary when Ham became the first chimpanzee in space. I want to take this opportunity to look back at the involvement of animals in the space industry....
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Utilization of Space Resources: Indonesia’s Perspective

Space is one of the areas that was on the horizon of development for the Founding Fathers of the Indonesia, with the establishing of...