China conducts first successful trial of Pump Pendulum propulsion engine

The YF-100 test, on which the Pendulum Pump propulsion engine is based.

China’s first pump pendulum propulsion engine developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) was successfully tested during an initial trial at Xi’an, which made China the second country capable of this technology.

According to a report by CNSA, this engine assigned for the trial run was developed based on the foundation provided by the 120 tons liquid oxygen kerosene rocket engine (YF-100, based on the Russian RD-120) tested as part of the Long March series.

The engine uses a variety of novel parts and components which are able to withstand high pressure, high temperature oxygen-enriched combustion through the turbopump.

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The pendulum will be affixed to the rear, and the slightest oscillation will bring about thrust vectoring, achieving much better optimization of the rocket. This will enable streamlining of the engine into a more compact structure to enable better performance in propulsion of the rocket engines.

According to the report, the pump pendulum propulsion engine was first initiated and demonstrated in October 2015, and the design was finished in the following year with a blueprint. On 10 April 2017, the production of key components were completed, and assembled on 17 May 2017. Before the trial, the researchers carried out a comprehensive inspection of the engine, with many systemic improvements, to ensure that the trial is adequate, safe and reliable.


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