China’s lunar rover Chang’e 4 will carry payloads from four countries

Image of the Moon taken by Chang'e 3. Image courtesy of Chinese Academy of Sciences / China National Space Administration / The Science and Application Center for Moon and Deepspace Exploration / Emily Lakdawalla.

At the 2017 Global Space Exploration (GLEX) conference, it was announced that the Chang’E 4 will be equipped with payloads from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

During the conference, Wu Yanhua, deputy chief of China National Space Administration (CNSA) presented the “Chinese Lunar Project: Chang’E International Cooperation” trophies to the European Space Agency and the above-mentioned countries.

According to reports, the Netherlands provided the Netherlands-China Low Frequency Explorer (NCLE), the Germans Lunar Lander Neutron & Dosimeter (LND), the Swedish Advanced Small Analyzer for Neutrals (ASAN) and Saudi Arabia miniaturized lunar optical imaging equipment.

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The technical expertise contributed by these countries will enable the scientists to obtain information on the background distribution of low frequency electromagnetic waves in lunar space and data on lunar particles to analyze lunar rock and water content, enabling greater understanding of the moon.

Chang’E 4 is the first lander and lunar rover designed to land and explore the far side of the moon, and the launch is likely to be scheduled in 2018.


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    In the first photo above, there’s a strange anomaly at the center of the image, whereat a black area appears to make no sense.
    Between the larger boulder on the right and a smaller sized boulder on the immediate left, there appears to be a blackened area, that has been blackened on purpose.
    Afterupon enlarging the image to max size, I can see no logical reason for a shadow to be cast where the blackening has occurred, and if it was a cavity, why is the blackened area without a gradual shading from the left edge inward, and why does the contour of the blackened area reach to the very edge of what one might assume is a rock? It’s as if there is no left side of the rock… just this blackened area.
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