ChinaSAT 9A successfully placed in its correct orbit

The Long March 3B. Image courtesy of CNSA.

The ChinaSAT 9A communications satellite has successfully entered its designated orbit independently, according to reports from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

On 19 June 2017, according to an earlier report by Xinhua, problems occurred during the launch of ChinaSAT 9A satellite by Long March 3B Y28 rocket, which failed to send the satellite into the correct orbit orbit.

CASC, through cooperation with China Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center managed to successfully bring the satellite to the fixed spot above longitude 101.4 ° E in the scheduled orbit (situated somewhere above central Sumatra) on 5 July, after 10 attempts.

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The satellite system is currently working properly, the transponders have been activated, and previously planned exercises and tests will be conducted as follow-ups. According to experts’ opinions, the problem was identified on the Long March 3B Y-28 rocket rolling control thruster during the third gliding phase. As a result, the third stage was faulty, and the satellite had been placed into the wrong orbit.


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