CSIRO’s Data61 & Radiant.Earth partner to improve Earth Observation for disaster resilience

Image courtesy of CSIRO’s Data61.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Data61, an Australian data innovation group, will partner with non-profit organization Radiant.Earth to improve disaster resilience globally, with a special focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

The two organisations will make use of Radiant.Earth’s open satellite imagery and Earth Observation (EO) data, along with Data61’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics tools, to embark on projects in areas such as human disaster management, health, climate change and sustainable water management.

One planned activity will include hosting of open data on Radiant.Earth’s platform, and demonstration of Data61’s mapping products and tools for mission-critical programs, primarily in Asia-Pacific.

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Said Radiant.Earth CEO Anne Hale Miglarese, “”The world is awash in Earth observation data, but most of the low and middle income countries are still poorly mapped and served by geospatial technologies. Partnering with Data61…will help us serve this community better, including non-profits working in global development, as well as national and regional government entities”.

Added CSIRO’s Data61 CEO Adrian Turner, “”Data61 has world-leading expertise in applying data visualization and geospatial tools….we can predict the behaviour and spread of bushfires and have worked with local emergency services organizations and government in Australia to plan for emergencies”.


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