CSST to distribute Airbus satellite data in New Zealand & the Pacific Islands

Image courtesy of CSST.

New Zealand’s Centre for Space Science Technology (CSST) and Airbus Defence and Space yesterday announced a partnership agreement which will make CSST the primary provider of Airbus Earth Observation (EO) satellite data and products in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Established in 2017, CSST is a regional research company aiming to make EO data available to the government and private sector in New Zealand, and to promote space applications using satellite imagery.

“In the past, New Zealand has lagged behind other nations in our application of Earth observation (EO) data, which has limited our ability to optimise the use of resource-limited inputs, manage risk, remain internationally competitive, respond to regulatory requirements, and minimise environmental impact,” said Steve Cotter, CEO of CSST.

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“In order to address this issue, a key component of CSST’s original business case was to make EO data more available and affordable. We are starting to execute on that plan by negotiating strategic data partnership agreements which increase the availability and affordability of EO products and services in New Zealand and the wider Pacific region,” he added.

“The partnership with Airbus allows us to leverage cutting edge research and development efforts in the international sector towards meeting specific regional and national needs.”

Said Seyed Miri, Regional Manager for Airbus Defence and Space. “Satellite imagery, especially weather-independent synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, provides a great breadth of opportunity for scientific and commercial application in a place like New Zealand, known as the land of the long white cloud. We have had several opportunities to work with CSST since their organisation was established and see them as a valued partner. We are delighted to finalise this partnership agreement and expand the good work of both organisations.”

Before this agreement with Airbus, CSST signed a deal with Planet in July this year, becoming Planet’s primary distributor in New Zealand.



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