Five of China’s Aerospace Linghe electric heavy vehicles to officially enter the Chinese market

Image courtesy of Aerospace Linghe

As Tesla rolls out its new Tesla 3, and as India pushes for ISRO’s lithium batteries to be made commercially-available, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Aerospace Linghe has officially received a permit from the Chinese government to manufacture and sell five models of heavy vehicles, including a semi-trailer.

Known as the Liaoning Lingyuan Linghe Automobile Manufacturing Company, the manufacturer of the Linghe line of vehicles was acquired by the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) in 2016, when the latter invested 2 billion yuan in the company. Responsible for Aerospace Linghe is CASC’s subsidiary, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), which develops rockets for the nation’s space programme.

The purpose behind this investment was to adapt space technologies developed by CASC and its related institutions for commercial use. An example of such a technology is Linghe’s vehicle monitoring platform, which allows for battery management, real-time diagnostics, driving behaviour statistics, and charging station management.

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So far, the company has released four electric cars and three heavy vehicles, excluding the five models which received the permit last week.

China is arguably the world’s largest consumer of EVs, which, according to some sources, is twice the size of the US market. CALT, along with other space-related organizations, has been active in investing in this and other consumer markets for which spinoff space technologies may be used. Major industries include green energy, cloud platform solutions and smart manufacturing, with a focus on machinery and heavy industry.


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