Indonesia opens its largest anechoic chamber for satellite testing

Image courtesy of LAPAN.

Last Friday, Indonesia’s space agency LAPAN officially opened its largest anechoic chamber, measuring 20 x 11 x 9.9 metres, in order to improve the country’s satellite development capabilities. The chamber is located at the Satellite Technology Centre, the headquarters of LAPAN’s satellite development branch, in Bogor, West Java, and will be used for satellites ranging from nanosatellites to small satellites.

The new anechoic chamber is designed to absorb electromagnetic waves in the 100 kHz to 40 GHz range, and has a ceiling attached with pyramidal absorbers to optimize Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurements.

Prof. Thomas Djamaludin, Head of LAPAN, said the anechoic chamber is part of the country’s plan to build its space industry, with the hopes that Indonesia will develop a commercial space sector.

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Prof. Bambang Brojonegoro, Minister of Research and Technology, who inaugurated the new facility, added that Indonesia hopes its space industry will, in the near future, be comparable to the likes of India and China, who have the capability to build and launch their own satellites and rockets.

He added, “We will soon have our own space port at Biak Island, which will facilitate the launch of domestic and international satellites. Hopefully, we will one day be able to launch a satellite with our own indigenous rocket.”


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