Industrial Internet discussed at China-Russia scientific council meeting

Image courtesy of CASIC

Russia and China held the second meeting of the China-Russia Council for Science and Innovation on 20th July 2017 in Moscow, aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation. The meeting aimed at coming up with a framework for the two nations to work together on multiple projects.

The meeting was attended by Wei Yiyin, Vice President of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), who gave a presentation on Industrial Internet, a type of manufacturing automation that combines advanced machines with internet-connected sensors and big-data analytics, and the aerospace industry. He proposed that Russia and China collaborate on multiple initiatives in such high-tech industries.

Wei expressed that the Council has, over the past few years, played a positive role in China-Russia cooperation. Given their close friendship, the Council should continue to take a proactive role in driving industry in both nations by increasing the scope of their cooperation in science and technology, including in academia. Some areas he highlighted included spaceflight, aviation, materials science, the Internet, medicine, and other commercially-viable industries.

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In speaking about Industrial Internet and the aerospace industry, Wei said that China’s space industry has achieved significant breakthroughs in Industrial Internet, especially in aerospace manufacturing. One example of this, he said, is CASIC’s aerospace cloud network platfom, CASICloud, which is used by 800,000 enterprises, including 5,000 foreign companies. He also mentioned the official release of China’s INDICS platfrom on June 15 this year, which provides an intelligent cloud-based solutions for enterprises, especially in manufacturing.

Similarly, he said, China’s aerospace industry is working on a commercial space project known as “Five Clouds”. Covering a wide range of technical fields, it will allow for commercial players to use its delivery systems, ground systems and space-based platforms, an area in which China is eager to cooperate with Russia.


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