ISRO Chairman inaugurates a new outreach facility at the National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad

ISRO Chairman looking at student presentations. Image courtesy of ISRO.

On 26 June 2017, the Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), A. S. Kiran Kumar, inaugurated a new outreach facility at the National Remote Sensing Centre’s (NRSC) Jeedimetla campus at Hyderabad.

The new outreach facility hopes to enable schools, research institutions and industries to utilize NRSC resources, such as satellite imagery, in order to find solutions to scientific challenges.

With various sections catering to training and capacity building, content generation and mass communications, the facility aims to encourage the development of space-based applications that can contribute to the NRSC’s current resources. These sections are connected to database servers and Bhuvan Geoportal, a platform that allows the public to create government applications using real-time satellite imagery.

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At the inauguration, ISRO Chairman Kiran Kumar commented that the benefits of space technology developments should reach the common man and that the youth should join this endeavor in large numbers.

The event also saw some technical presentations by students on the use of satellite data in agriculture, geotagging applications, efficient food-distribution and other real-world applications of satellite imagery.

The facility is part of NRSC’s capacity-building programme which seeks to provide adequate human resources for resource mapping and environmental monitoring, and is one of the centre’s many activities that promote this. Others include student projects, collaborative projects with academic institutions, technology transfers, and training programmes.


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