ISRO Releases Updated Data from Satellites

Photo courtesy of ISRO.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has released updated satellite data from two of its satellites, Scatsat-1 and RISAT-1, on 24 April 2017 and 18 April 2017 respectively.

Data sets from Scatsat-1 can now be downloaded either through ISRO’s ftp server or India’s SAGAR web portal. Researchers will have access to 25km and 50km grids over the entire world in HDF5 format.

Carrying a Ku-band Scatterometer, Scatsat-1 was launched on September 26, 2016, into Low Earth Orbit. It provides weather forecasting, cyclone prediction, and tracking services, and its data is available for half orbits throughout the data. Currently, Scasat-1 provides data to NASA and ESA, due to its ability to track global winds.

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The data from another satellite, RISAT-1, has been made available through a proprietary software developed by India’s Microwave Remote Sensing and Data Processing Division, which is part of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). Users are free to download a newly-released version of the GUI-based software, known as SigmaSARV3, to access a variety of products.

Although RISAT-1 is part of a family of radar imaging reconnaissance satellites, it is not intended for military use. Launched into a sun-synchronous orbit on 26 April 2012, the satellite, which carries a C-band payload, is intended to be used for natural resources management, primarily agriculture planning and forestry surveys, as well as to predict and prevent flooding.

RISAT-1 has already aided in various humanitarian efforts, such as flood mapping in the states of Bihar and Assam, as well as tracking oil spills in the Indian Ocean.

All products can be found at the website of the National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO.


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