Lockheed Martin Unveils New Software to Protect Space Assets

Representative image. Courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed Martin has just announced the release of its new proprietary software, Intelligent Space (iSpace), which is designed to protect satellites and other space assets by providing real-time updates and recommending suitable follow-up actions.

The iSpace software tasks, processes, and correlates data from a worldwide network of government, commercial, and scientific community sensors and command centers.

Enabling proactive management of space events such as collisions, maneuvers, break-ups, launches, and co-orbital threats, the software will target defense, civil, commercial, and international customers who own or operate satellite systems.

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Marketed primarily as a defense and security tool, the software is scalable and can be integrated in many environments for modeling and simulation, experimentation, or operational use.

“Space is an important and valuable domain that has changed from a safe environment to one that is congested and threatened,” said Dr. Rob Smith, vice president of C4ISR for Lockheed Martin. “Through the predictive analytic capabilities provided by iSpace, the unknown becomes known, providing decision makers with the ability to quickly understand the operational picture and respond appropriately.”

In developing iSpace, Lockheed Martin, in its press release, said it has “leveraged decades of space, air, maritime, and missile defense expertise obtained from multiple U.S. government programs such as Space Fence, Theatre Battle Management Core Systems, and Command, Control, Battle Management & Communications.”

This announcement has come after a flurry of news from the U.S. Air Force regarding space defense, including the creation of a new deputy chief of staff for space position to be filled by a three-star general, as well as a proposal calling for the creation of a “Space Corps” to handle military operations in orbit.


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