SAS & Globalsat to provide the Americas with connectivity via nanosatellites

Image courtesy of Sky and Space Global.

Australia-based nanosatellite telecommunications developer Sky and Space Global (SAS) has just announced the completion of its commercial testing programme with Globalsat, a Pan-American Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) consortium.

Following this, the two companies will work to formalize a commercial agreement for Globalsat to use the SAS Equatorial Constellation narrowband communication network. This will allow Globalsat to provide mobile connectivity to Central and South America.

Said Meir Moalem, CEO of SAS, ““We are pleased that the commercial testing with Globalsat was a great success and excited that we are now actively progressing commercial discussions. Our successful test was the world’s first operation using a nanosatellite for communication purposes in the American continent, and we are certain many more will follow.”

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J. Alberto Palacios, Group CEO of Globalsat, said, “”The tests with the 3 Diamond nanosatellites were widely successful. We believe that when the Sky and Space’s 200 satellite constellation is complete and operational it will be a game-changing technology that can transform narrowband satellite communications. Globalsat is ready to advance our relationship with SAS to agree on a commercial arrangement, which will see  us  deliver  mobile  connectivity  and  IoT  services  to  Latin  and  Central America”.

In June 2017, SAS launched its first three nanosatellites, known as the ‘3 Diamonds’, using India’s PSLV rocket. Three months later, the company successfully completed the world’s first phone calls, instant messaging, voice recording, and image transfers, using nanosatellites. SAS plans to have a full 200-nanosatellite narrowband constellation by 2020, operating in S-band, which will focus on providing equatorial coverage.


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