Singapore-based SpaceChain partners with Arch Mission Foundation

Image courtesy of SpaceChain

Singapore-based SpaceChain Foundation, which is currently building the world’s first open source satellite network to enable a next-generation infrastructure for blockchain industry, has just announced that it will be partnering with US-based non-profit corporation Arch Mission Foundation.

Under the agreement, SpaceChain will provide Arch Mission with funding as well as technical support and expertise. It will also load subsets of Arch Mission data onto its satellites in a bid to collect, distribute and protect human knowledge and data across the solar system.

SpaceChain’s Co-founder Zheng Zuo said: “The goal of archiving and preserving knowledge for future generations will advance archiving science and human knowledge by itself. The ambitious goal of disseminating this knowledge throughout the solar system is finally achievable today thanks to greatly reduced launch costs through new space launch providers.”

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Co-founder of The Arch Mission Foundation, Nova Spivack commented: “SpaceChain’s support of our mission to archive important human data in space is the start of the Earth Library – an orbiting ring of backup data around the Earth. This is an important milestone for humanity.”

On February 3 this year SpaceChain, in collaboration with blockchain company Qtum, launched the world’s first ever blockchain node in space aboard China’s Long March 2D.


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