Sky and Space Global, International Air Traffic Automation Systems sign MoU

Image courtesy of Sky and Space Global.

This is Australia-based nanosatellite telecommunications developer Sky and Space Global’s (SAS’s) first agreement within the commercial aviation services sector, according to an SAS press release. It serves as a framework agreement to commence discussions regarding new collaborative commercial and technical opportunities between SAS and International Air Traffic Automation Systems (IATAS). These opportunities may be directly with airline customers or in a joint venture capacity.

In addition to this, discussions have commenced to secure a binding, definitive agreement for IATAS to incorporate the SAS network into its service offering and commercialise its services in line with SAS’s nano-satellite network infrastructure. The IATAS platforms include real-time solutions for air traffic control surveillance, interactive airport mapping for pilots, remote tower operations, automated air traffic control systems, digital black-boxes and anti-collision software.

IATAS will also be responsible for conducting a demonstration of the way it has incorporated the SAS network within a commercial aeroplane as well as an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP). Once underway, the Company will be able to capitalise on further commercial relationships within the aviation sector.

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Sky and Space Global’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Meir Moalem said: “The agreement with IATAS is yet another example of the innovation and disruption SAS brings to the market. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with IATAS and provide our services to the commercial aviation communication services sector.”

IATAS CEO, Mr. Ori Shloosh said: “IATAS is excited to collaborate with SAS and be able to offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions and services to the aviation industry. This multi-billion dollar market is currently underserved and there is a great potential to generate high revenues as a result of regulatory mandates being implemented in the next few years.”

IATAS’s array of solutions include real-time air traffic control surveillance, moving airport maps for pilots, remote tower control, automated air traffic control systems, digital black-boxes and anti-collision software within airports. The entire platform will benefit from the integration of SAS’s unique and secure communication nano-satellite based services, which will position IATAS’s solutions in a class of its own. In the coming months, IATAS and SAS will engage with end user clients such as airlines, air navigation service providers (ANSP) and airports to demonstrate and roll-out the new technologies and capabilities.”


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