Space BD to facilitate Crest Astra’s 1st nanosat launch

Image courtesy of Space BD

Japan-based Space BD has been selected to broker the launch of the first nanosatellite developed by Crest Astra, a Japanese startup planning to develop and commercialize nanosatellites and launchers.

The launch of Crest Astra’s first satellite, CrestP-Sat, is slated to take place in 2021 from the Japan’s Kibo Module of the International Space Station (ISS), whose commercial undertakings are represented by Space BD on behalf of Japan’s space agency JAXA.

CrestP-Sat will carry Crest Astra’s own payloads, which includes an LED payload meant to generate light that is visible from earth, and to test satellite-to-ground Visible light communication (VLC). The satellite will also test ground-to-satellite radio wave communication. Crest Astra will also provide payload space for other organizations to test their technologies.

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Crest Astra plans to launch 3 nanosatellites by 2027, all of which will be experimental, leading to full commercialization in 2029. After that, the company plans to develop its own launch capabilities by 2039.

Crest Astra is the space division of Crest Precision (formerly Nishiyama), a company that specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication, and will use this technology Crest Astra in the manufacture of satellites and spacecraft.


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