Telkom-1 services fully restored after satellite failure

Image courtesy of PT Telkom Indonesia.

Yesterday, Telkom Indonesia announced that it has restored 100% of services disrupted due to the failure of its Telkom-1 satellite on 25 August.

The service recovery was completed at midnight on Monday, September 11, after nearly 3 weeks of continuous work. Leading the efforts was Telkom’s National Crisis Centre, which worked with various government agencies, including Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications (Kominfo).

According to Telkom Indonesia, 15,019 customer service sites were affected, of which 11,574 were ATMs. To speed up service recovery, Telkom temporarily restored connectiviy using alternative systems – 81% of the sites involved repointing of ground segment antennae, 14% established Machine-to-Machine (M2) networks, and 5% used fibre optic cables.

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Meanwhile, Telkom continues to be on the alert, monitoring the situation on the ground. Said Telkom CEO Alex J. Sinaga, “Our National Crisis Center is still operational, ensuring post-recovery stability and quality of service.”

“Telkom masih melanjutkan fungsi Crisis Center Service Recovery untuk memantau kestabilan kualitas layanan pelanggan pasca pemulihan konektivitas ini,”

So far, Telkom-1 has not been fixed; Telkom hopes to achieve permanent service recovery within 2 months.


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