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China completes first tests of space station’s propulsion system

On 14 August, China’s space agency, the China National Space Administration (CNSA), announced it has completed the first round of tests for the propulsion system of its space station, expected to...

SpaceChain, Addvalue & Alba Orbital jointly receive US$600k grant

SpaceChain UK (the UK office of Singapore-based SpaceChain), together with consortium partners Singapore's Addvalue Innovation and Glasgow-based Alba Orbital, has received GBP440k (about US$600k) in funding by EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore. Along with...

China’s seeds have sprouted on the Moon!

For the first time in the history of the known universe, life has intentionally taken hold on another world. And in another first for mankind…new life has also died on a new...

Indonesia and China to Strengthen Cooperation, Build Launch Site

Yesterday, Indonesia’s space agency LAPAN announced the completion of bilateral meetings with China. Among the topics discussed was the building of a launch site in Indonesia that would cater to the...

Microsat developer Axelspace moves into components business

Japanese space startup Axelspace, which has developed 5 microsatellites to date, has announced it will be developing critical components to prepare for the mass production of next-generation microsatellites. This initiative aims...

Indonesia’s Space Agency LAPAN to Cooperate with Jakarta’s Local Government on Development

LAPAN will cooperate with the Provincial Government of Jakarta City on aeronautics and science and technology to support development projects. The draft of agreement with both parties was signed by the Head of LAPAN,...

Release of “TianYing”: China’s first four channel GNSS broadband RF Chip

China’s first four-channel Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) broadband radio frequency (RF) chip “TianYing” was released on 23 May 2017. It is an improved continuation of the Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS)...

Australian National University launches InSpace to bridge industry and academia

On 23 October, the Australian National University (ANU) launched its new institute Insitute for Space (InSpace), which will bring together technology, science and law research to advance Australia's space industry. ANU Vice...

Russia and Indonesia to Collaborate on Indonesian Space Activities

Indonesia’s space agency, LAPAN, reported that it has begun discussions with Russia on space-related collaborations, especially in remote sensing. LAPAN announced yesterday that Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Mikhail Galuzin paid a visit...

ISRO to transfer 100+ technologies, including lithium-ion battery, to industry

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the nation’s space agency, has just released a list of over a hundred technologies to be transferred to the private sector. Among the items is ISRO’s...
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Utilization of Space Resources: Indonesia’s Perspective

Space is one of the areas that was on the horizon of development for the Founding Fathers of the Indonesia, with the establishing of...