Japan-based Weathernews & Laos government sign MoU for meteorological data exchange

Image courtesy of Weathernews

Weathernews Inc., a Japan-based company that operates weather satellites, has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment of Laos.

The MoU will see both sides cooperating on the exchange of observational data and weather alerts in Laos. Weathernews will also offer meteorological services to local companies to aid in disaster management, especially due to floods, and for developmental purposes, acquired from its two microsatellites WNISAT-1 and WNISAT-1R, as well as from radar stations. Through this MoU, the Laotian government hopes to develop its local meteorology business.

This is Weathernews’ fourth latest agreement with Southeast Asian governments. The company already has relationships with the governments of Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and has offices in most major Asian cities; the company works closely with these governments to monitor typhoons, volcanic eruptions and monsoons. Last month, Weathernews successfully performed a GNSS-R (Global Navigation Satellite System – Reflectometry) mission, using its microsatellite WNISAT-1R to monitoring the earth’s surface condition using reflected GPS signals.


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