Kanematsu to sell Vector’s launch services to Asia

Image courtesy of Vector.

Japan-based Kanematsu Corporation (KG), a large trading company with experience in purchasing satellites and other space systems, has entered into an exclusive representative agreement with Vector to sell Vector’s products and services to Asia, beginning with Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

These services include microsatellite launches and other related services, such as a Vectors’ dedicated small satellite launch service, catering to 10-150kg class microsatellites. Customers will be able to launch these at their preferred timing, into a desired orbit. The services are expected to being this year.

In addition to this launch capability, Vector will provide satellite simulation services using virtual machine technology through the GalacticSky program, a satellite virtualization platform that allows users to simulate having a satellite in orbit.

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“The commercial space industry is booming and Vector has seen a significant increase in demand for small satellite launch services leading up to our orbital launch,” said Shaun Coleman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and GM of Space Data Systems of Vector. “With many new launch service opportunities materializing across Asia, we are looking forward to establishing a presence in the region through our partnership with KG.”

The relationship between KG and Vector began in February 2017, when the two announced the intention to establish a business collaboration through KG’s strategic investment with Vector. Details such as the size of KG’s investment into Vector have not been revealed.


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