NorthTelecom announces strategic partnership with KNS

Image courtesy of NorthTelecom

Dubai-based satellite service provider NorthTelecom has announced a strategic partnership with KNS, a South Korean satellite antenna systems manufacturer.

The partnership will leverage KNS’ marine antenna capabilities to boost NorthTelecom’s bid to penetrate the South and Southeast Asian market. NorthTelecom has already aggressively begun increasing its share of the Oil & Gas and maritime sectors, as evidenced by its acquisition of Malaysian telecommunications company Scoptel last year. The partnership with KNS will support further efforts, especially in the region.

Under this agreement, apart for proactive support and assistance to KNS to increase their global outreach, NorthTelecom will also provide standby storage facilities for antennas manufactured by KNS across the globe.

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Said Hadi Nazari, CEO, North Telecom quotes “The future of the satellite market lies in building strong partnerships and alliances. Such a progressive move will enable us to increase our footprint in Oil & gGas and maritime telecommunication sector. Our primary focus is to venture into the market along with KNS to provide cost effective and high quality services to our customers.”

“One of the biggest trends in the business in now and future will be the forming alliances.” Kevin Jin, CEO of KNS said. “We just hoisted the sails but, we are convinced that our course of endeavor is always aiming for the enhanced customer satisfaction in our target market and mutual benefit between our two parties and customer will be achieved.”


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