NanoAvionics partners with Ananth Technologies to enter India’s space market

The PSLV. Image courtesy of ISRO.

NanoAvionics has signed a partnership agreement with Ananth Technologies Ltd (ATL) which marks NanoAvionics’ entry into India’s growing NewSpace industry.

The agreement makes Ananth Technologies the official distributor of NanoAvionics’ products and services in India, giving companies one stop access to cost effective small, micro and nano satellites including subsystems. The local access will save them time and cost for assembly, integration and test of at Ananth’s facilities in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Customers will also have access to low cost launch service, using ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), and post launch operation services. In addition, this partnership between NanoAvionics and Ananth Technologies is going to foster relationships with Indian research institutions and suppliers.

“Our new partnership with Ananth Technologies opens new doors for NanoAvionics,” NanoAvionics’ CEO Vytenis J. Buzas said. “Ananth Tech is one of the most trusted names in the Indian aerospace sector. Their network, experience and world-class satellite manufacturing facilities will allow us to serve an emerging Indian NewSpace market more effectively. India‘s private space sector is a vibrant community of talented individuals having innovative ideas. I am sure that the recent Indian space policy changes, which just opened up the space sector for private participation, combined with partnerships with international players of the industry, will accelerate the growth and kickstart the birth of more Indian NewSpace stars.”

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NanoAvionics and Ananth Technology will work together to meet India’s demand for small satellites with the flight-proven NanoAvionics nanosatellite buses and their subsystems. NanoAvionics’ standardized nanosatellite buses satisfy the requirements for a wide range of small satellite applications thanks to their regular connectivity, powerful and reliable hardware, up to 14U of payload volume and integrated propulsion system. NanoAvionics’s designs provide functions for nanosatellites that once required much larger spacecraft.

“The new agreement between Ananth Technology and NanoAvionics will bring mutual benefits while serving the new generation of private space companies in India,” said Anurup Pavuluri, director of Ananth Technologies.


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