Skyroot, Dhruva & Bellatrix win India’s National Startup Awards

Dhruva Space. Image courtesy of Dhruva Space.

Three Indian space startups have clinched awards in the country’s National Startup Awards 2020, under the Space Startups segment, out of a total of 15 entries.

These startups are: Skyroot Aerospace, winner in the SpaceTech Solutions category, as well as Dhruva Space and Bellatrix Aerospace, both Co-Winners in the Satellite Technologies category.

Skyroot Aerospace is working on a series of launch vehicles that can deliver 300-700 kg into Low Earth Orbit (LEO), starting with its first rocket Vikram, with 3D-printed upper stage liquid engines.

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Dhruva, meanwhile, is developing bespoke LEO constellations for earth observation and other applications, with each constellation customized according to clients’ requirements.

Bellatrix focuses on advanced propulsion systems for satellites and reusable micro launch vehicles, and is developing a reusable micro launch vehicle knows as Chetak, capable of ferrying 200kg payloads to space.

Each of these winners will be awarded a cash prize of 5 lakh rupees (approximately US$7,000), opportunities to pitch to the government and private companies, and priority for participation in international and national events.

In addition to these three startups, green propulsion startup Manastu Space was also a finalist, and is working on hydrogen peroxide-based propulsion for satellites an spacecraft.


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